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We are currently partnered with RALPHS and AMAZON SMILE


Amazon Smile

RALPHS just partnered with BECHLEM. 


Go too www.smile.amazon.com

Sign in with your amazon login

It will ask you to support a charity

Search for BECHLEM





If you have a RALPHS Rewards Card please follow these simple steps to add my non-profit organization Bechlem to its benefits. In that way every time you will swipe the reward card and feed your family, a child in need will be helped too.




1-Go to www.ralphs.com and REGISTER to create an account. (top right)

2-After you create your online account, then click on “MY ACCOUNT”, scroll down to COMMUNITY REWARDS – Enroll.

3-Type my NPO number 94497 or name of Organization and complete your enrollment process.


That’s it!!!


Every time you go shop at RALPHS please use your rewards card.