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Bechlem is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to serving underprivileged children living in the Los Angeles County by providing after school classes that are focused on developing, nurturing, and channeling positivity through art.  

Bechlem serves underprivileged (abused, orphans, poor/low income) children between the ages 5-12.


* Abused and neglected children are 11 times more likely to engage in criminal behavior as an adult.  

* 10-15% orphans commit suicide before they reach age 18

* More than 16million children in the United States live in poor/low income families creating a greater risk in becoming a juvenile delinquent  


Our program’s model is designed to promote positive self-esteem, build confidence, and help kids develop new and transformative skills through acting, modeling, dancing, singing, martial arts and more. In addition to core art classes the students also receive free lunch and healthy nutrition tips.


Bechlem is centered on the mantra “Art can heal. Art can inspire. Art can change lives”  


A high quality after school program can provide:  

-create a sense of belonging

-improve social skills

-provide academic support

-make learning more fun

-provide safety and supervision

-build confidence  


Since 2015, Bechlem has served over 100 children and continues to grow. Bechlem has hopes to further expand its reach and sustainability through larger donations, a facility of its own, and additional staff.

Anjeza Angie Gega - CEO/Founder

Denita Gega - Director

Guillermo Forero - Director

Jael Weber- Director

Philip DelaCruz- Director

Kenneth Lin – Director

Shlomit Hayun- Secretary

Program Summary  

Bechlem has one primary program that has a 12 week duration and occurs three times a year, taking place twice a week from 4-7 pm.  






At the end of each program there is a recital where children perform on stage and in front of an audience to showcase everything they learned. Such event has been the main indicator to showcase their growth in the program.  

Start-up Summary

Bechlem was established in 2015 by Anjeza Angie Gega and has been operational for 4 years. Through the years Bechlem has partnered with several companies: Frida Kahlo Theater where they rented a low cost  space,

Alexandria’s House, Good Shepherd Center, and recently Boys and Girls Club in East LA.  


Currently, Bechlem is seeking to establish its own center to serve a bigger community, reach to more children, and expand its staff.  


Financially, Bechlem has been supported by private donors. We are seeking financial support to provide legal assistance and administrative personnel towards getting grants and sponsorships from government and bigger companies.