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The mission of Bechlem is to help underprivileged children by providing them with a reliable mentoring and a learning program that will shape their future.


Bechlem, meaning “Bethlehem” in Latin translates, to “House of Bread.”  This name encompasses the primary values the organization upholds and symbolizes the way Bechlem feeds its children with love through art, which fosters confidence and healing while empowering them to make good choices through teaching the following principles:  

Keys to Success  

• Establish a strong network of support with other local nonprofit organizations that are serving underprivileged children, such as homeless shelters as well as partnering with local school systems.  


• Launch a series of fundraising activities that will successfully fund the expanding program


• Teachers will have proper training and certifications to work with the youth.  


• Establish methods to safeguard both teachers and students, such as liability forms and background checks.  

Bechlem wants to instill confidence and a sense of self-respect and self-expression in all their students.

The goal of Bechlem is to show encouragement and hope through art that results in successful and positive progress in their lives.

Bechlem seeks to inspire young children to want to strive for positive changes regardless of their current environmental setbacks.  

Children that are involved in a program that seeks to help with adversity are heavily influenced by their experiences. Bechlem will inspire them to become successful and equipped leaders of the future.